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About LLB

What would happen if fourth-year Professional Writing students took over a publishing house? Leaping Lion Books (LLB), of course!

LLB, an imprint of the English Department at York University, is comprised of students enrolled in AP/EN 4721 Book Publishing Practicum. Here, we put publishing theory into practice. Our goal is to publish one book per year. (Find out more about our previous titles at the “LL Books” tab.)

Our 2011/2012 LLB Team has the pleasure of publishing “3.1 Plays”, a collection by seasoned playwright and Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Bruce Jay Friedman.  Stay tuned for frequent updates as we take Bruce’s work from manuscript to finished product.

We’re leaping into real-life publishing!

Our 2011/2012 Team:

Titles           Fall Semester              Winter Semester

Publisher      Alan Borenstein            Alan Borenstein
Associate Publisher   Natasha Burrow             Natasha Burrow
Assistant Publisher    Nick Desroches         Palwasha Kakar
Assistant Publisher    Siobhan Clayton           Jamie Durnan
Assistant Publisher Katherine Kehoe Katherine Kehoe
Editorial Director            Palwasha Kakar             Nick Desroches
Assistant Editorial Direcctor Miriam Bolyki              Sara Ametrano
Assistant Editorial Director  Leah Blake              Tarika Auckbaraullee
Copyeditor                    Liz Drahovzal              Andrew Cesario
Copyeditor                    Rory Lidstone              Lesley Longo
Production Director           Charlene Ang               Leah Blake
Assistant Production Director Siobhan Clayton            Jamie Durnan
Assistant Production Director Nick Desroches             Allison Sternall
Production Editor             Andrew Cesario             Liz Drahovzal
Design Director               Kristina Konstantinova     Charlene Ang
Assistant Design Director Dawn Brown                 Siobhan Clayton
Assistant Design Director     Jamie Durnan               Andrew Cesario
Photo Editor                  Rory Lidstone              Dustin Hsiao
Designer                      Miriam Bolyki              Dawn Brown
Designer                      Allison Sternall           Lesley Longo
Marketing Director            Lesley Longo               Petura Burrows
Assistant Marketing Director  Justin Donnait             Siobhan Clayton
Assistant Marketing Director  Tarika Auckbaraullee       Laura Pastore
Marketing Manager             Leah Blake                 Allison Sternall
Marketing Manager             Dustin Hsiao               Palwasha Kakar
Marketing Manager Katherine Kehoe
Sales Manager                 Tarika Auckbaraullee       Liz Drahovzal
Rights & Permissions Dir.  Dawn Brown                 Rory Lidstone
Asst. Rights & Permissions Petura Burrows Justin Donnait
Business Director             Laura Pastore            Miriam Bolyki
Assistant Business Director   Allison Sternall           Sara Ametrano
Assistant Business Director   Justin Donnait             Dustin Hsiao
Business Accounting Manager   Jamie Durnan               Laura Pastore
Web Director                  Sara Ametrano         Kristina Konstantinova
Web Designer                  Andrew Cesario        Tarika Auckbaraullee
Web Designer                  Dustin Hsiao               Dawn Brown
Web Designer                  Petura Burrows          Justin Donnait
Web Designer                                                           Dustin Hsiao
Web Designer                                                           Jamie Durnan

*AP/EN 4721 Book Publishing Practicum Professor: Mike O’Connor

Contact Us @
Leaping Lion Books
c/o The Department of English,
York University,
4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
M3J 1P3

* LLB does not accept unsolicited submissions.

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