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Party Pictures

March 9, 2012

Hi friends,

take a look at some of the photos taken by our very own Andrew Cesario!

Dan Pelltier performs a scene from Steambath

Dan again with the Leaping Lion logo in the back.

Geoffrey Huck talks about how he acquired 3.1 Plays and a friendship with Bruce Jay Friedman.

Spencer Schunk performs a scene from Scuba Duba

Our very own publisher, Alan Borenstein, gives a speech about the process.

Our main man, Mike O'Connor, talks about his experiences this year.

Dr. Sheese talks about the Professional Writing program

Laura McKay talks about directing the scenes for the launch.

Jamie Durnan presents a lucky winner with one of the many prizes won at the launch.

Derek Kehoe performs for the party.

Just some LLB members havin' a laugh.

Just a few of the people who had a hand in making 3.1 Plays successful!

Siobhan making sales and Justin being camera shy!

Check these dapper fellas.

Enjoying the party.


Charlene Ang poses with her poster design.

Palwasha making sales.

Siobhan and Palwasha pose for the camera 🙂

Justin showing his love to Rory.


Mike seems to be impressed!! 😀

That’s all for now, friends. Come back next week and we’ll have more for you!

In the meantime, click here to buy your very own copy of the book.

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